Protecting Innovation at Every Level

Protecting Innovation at Every Level

Guiding You Through the IP Landscape

Protecting What Matters

SUITER SWANTZ is an Intellectual Property Law Firm providing superior worldwide protection for your patent, trademark, and copyright needs. For over two decades, Suiter Swantz has represented a diverse range of clients  from startups and individual inventors to multi-billion dollar corporations.


As the most experienced intellectual property firm in the region, Suiter Swantz has obtained over 3,000 patents and approximately 700 trademarks on behalf of our clients. Our patent practitioners strive to minimize cost, while maximizing value for our clients.


Patents are used to protect your innovation and encompass a variety of technologies such as mechanical and electrical devices, processes, software, compositions of matter, altered genetic sequences, product designs, and plants.


Trademarks are used to identify your goods and services and are critical in securing your brand identity and are used to protect subject matter such as your company name, logo, slogan, and trade dress.


Copyrights are used to protect various creative intellectual works and are used to protect non-functional creations such as writings, artwork, records, the artistic design of a user interface, and software code.

Meet the Team

Sean Patrick Suiter
Sean Patrick Suiter patent attorney
Chad W. Swantz patent attorney
Scot Ringenberg
Scot M. Ringenberg patent attorney
Matt Poulsen
Matt A. Poulsen patent attorney
Shane R. Thielen
Shane R. Thielen patent attorney
Nick Grennan
Nicholas Grennan patent attorney
Andy Kruse
Andy Kruse patent attorney
Eric M. Newhouse
Eric M. Newhouse patent attorney
Dallin B. Call
Dallin B. Call patent attorney
Miao Liu
Miao Liu patent agent
Penny L. Batholomew
Penny L. Bartholomew Director of Paralegal Services
Stephanie Swanson
Stephanie Swanson Paralegal
Terri L. Peetz
Terri L. Peetz Paralegal, ACP
Patrice B. Sokolowski
Patrice B. Sokolowski Executive Assistant
Emily Benke
Emily I. Benke Marketing Coordinator & Intellectual Property Assistant
Kelly Tanzer
Kelly R. Tanzer Paralegal, CP
Melanie McCain
Melanie Baker McCain Accounting Manager
John H. Sherman Of Counsel
Yuezhen Qin patent attorney
Lei Tian patent attorney
Li Tan patent attorney
Zhongqing Tang patent attorney
Zhongxiao Yang patent attorney
Chaoyuan Zhang patent attorney
Ke Wang patent attorney
Yongsheng Su patent attorney
Jing Shi patent attorney