Suiter Swantz IP takes a look back at past inventions and inventors with our Patent Of The Day.

On this day in 1934, Julian R. Burch was granted U.S. Patent No. 1,961,812 for a POPCORN MACHINE.

This invention has for one of its objects the provision in a machine of the character described of  a popping-kettle incorporating means for enclosing the kettle for protecting the kettle bowl and its heating element from melted butter, grease, and the like, overflowing from the kettle interior during the popping of the corn and the subsequent discharge thereof from the kettle.

This invention for another object the provision in a corn-popping machine of a corn-popping kettle disposed in a suitable cabinet-chamber and having means for feeding corn to be popped to the kettle, such feeding means also serving as a vent for discharging to the atmosphere odors and gases arising from the kettle during corn-popping operations.

This invention has for still another object the provision in a popcorn machine of a swingable corn-popping kettle latchingly supported in a suitable cabinet-chamber, the kettle having a handle projecting in the chamber for co-operation with the kettle supporting latching means both for unlatching the kettle and for swingable manipulation thereof for discharging its contents into the cabinet-chamber.

This invention has for a further object the provision in a corn-popping machine of a kettle having a cover incorporating a kettle-communicating chamber for expansion there into of the popped corn rising in the kettle, thus increasing the popped-corn capacity of the kettle proper.

This invention has for a still further object the provision in a pop-corn machine of a kettle having a hingedly supported cover yieldable to pressure of the rising body of popped corn in the kettle for automatic overflow discharge of the surplus popped-corn product from the kettle.

This invention has for additional objects the provision of a corn-popping machine having a novel cabinet construction incorporating a foldable corn-chamber door adapted when open for disposition in shelf-like manner for substantially to increasing the corn-storage capacity of the corn-chamber of the cabinet, and to generally improve the construction of corn-popping machines.

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