Suiter Swantz IP takes a look back at past inventions and inventors with our Patent of the Day.  

On this day in 1934, John T. Riddell was granted U.S. Patent No. 1,962,526 for a BASKET BALL SHOE. 

The main objects of the invention are to provide an improved and more serviceable shoe of the kind referred to and which shall have a rubber friction sole secured in a better way to an upper of leather, canvas or the like; to provide a rubber soled athletic shoe which shall have better drying and ventilating qualities than such shoes heretofore made; to provide for adequately securing rubber soles to uppers through the medium of a welt and appropriate stitching or the like in a permanent and readily feasible manner adapted to withstand the severe service strains imposed on basketball shoes; to provide positively against tearing out of the stitches or other fastenings from the sole; to provide against peeling or “rolling off” of the sole facing rubber; and to provide for such shoes a friction sole of superior and improved shape and better floor gripping qualities.

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