Suiter Swantz IP takes a look back at past inventions and inventors with our Patent Of The Day.

On this day in 1904, John E. Herriott was granted U.S. Patent No. 757,743 for a COFFEE ROASTER.

This invention relates to a combined portable furnace and coffee roaster; and the object of producing a coffee-roaster of the kind is that it can be moved from place to place without having to take it to pieces for that purpose.

Another object accomplish by such a coffee-roaster is that the coffee can be roasted and at the same time the oil in the grains can be retained therein and not destroyed as is the case with most of the coffee-masters at the present time. This is accomplish in the peculiar manner in which the cylinder is constructed to retain the coffee while it is being roasted by first making a suitable cylinder of heavy sheet metal, galvanized iron being preferable. It is then placed on the inside of the cylinder a layer of fire-clay, and on the inside of the fire-clay a heavy layer of soapstone is placed. The heads of the cylinder are constructed in the same manner.

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