Suiter Swantz IP takes a look back at past inventions and inventors with our Patent Of The Day.

On this day in 1921, Charles A. Wickstrom was granted U.S. Patent No. 1,376,663 for a POLISHING MACHINE.

This invention relates to polishing machines, and more particularly to a machine for polishing flat surfaces.

The object of this invention in general is to provide a compact, easily accessible, and convenient machine for rapidly and thoroughly polishing flat surfaced articles without the aid of skilled operators. In accordance with one feature of this invention there is provided a mechanism adapted to be mounted on a bench with the working or polishing surface and work holding mechanism conveniently located above the bench while the operating mechanism and supporting structure is located below the bench. The supporting structure preferably comprises two separable members adapted to house and support the operating mechanism and is provided with means for conveniently securing the apparatus to the bench.

Another feature of this invention relates to an improved work holding device, by means of which a plurality of similar articles, the faces of which are to be polished, may be held in operative relation to the polishing surface with a uniform pressure regardless of allowable manufacturing variations in the sizes of the parts. This mechanism may comprise a main holder supplied with a plurality of individual holders each of which is provided with spring controlled clamping elements which cooperate to maintain a uniform pressure upon each of the devices to be polished.

Other features of the invention relate to the specific details of construction of the work holding clamps, and to other details of construction and combination of parts.

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