Suiter Swantz IP takes a look back at past inventions and inventors with our Patent of the Day.  

On this day in 1962, Nils Ivar Bohlin Goteborg was granted U.S. Patent No. 3,043,625 for a SAFETY BELT.

An excerpt from the patent states:

The object of the present invention is to provide a safety belt which independently of the strength of the seat and its connection with the vehicle in an effective and physiologically favourable manner retains the upper as well as the lower part of the body of the strapped person against the action of substantially forwardly directed forces and which is easy to fasten and unfasten and even in other respects satisfies rigorous requirements.

In its broadest aspect, the safety belt according to the invention is characterized in that the top end of the chest strap is connected, in a manner known per se, to a top mounting secured to the body or frame of the vehicle at a point substantially on a level with and substantially behind and on one side of the shoulder of the strapped person, that on either side of the seat of the vehicle a floor mounting is secured to the floor or the frame of the vehicle, that one end of the hip strap is connected to the floor mounting which is located on the same side as the top mounting, and that the chest strap and the hip strap form a continuous sling which is detachably connected to the other floor mounting. The chest strap may pass from the top mounting either over a shoulder or below the corresponding arm of the person. The length of the sling forming the chest strap and the hip strap is suitably adjustable.

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