Thanksgiving is almost here and for many what they will bring or have to eat is a big part of the day. For most, the turkey tends to be the main focus of the meal but, for others, it is all about the desserts. One staple at almost all Thanksgiving gatherings is pie. Baking a pie can be quite tedious, you have to make the crust, the filling, bake it just right and hope against hope everything came together.

Alvord D. Traller found a way to make that process a little easier with his DOUGH PACKAGE (U.S. Patent No. 1,988,058). According to the patent, granted in 1935: This invention relates to preparing and packaging dough for commercial and domestic use, in that the dough is prepared and packed in a sanitary package in a manner whereby it will keep for future use, for a prolonged period of time and can be readily handled and shipped, and sold through stores and the like to the housewife, for the preparation of pastry, biscuits, bread or the like, with the result the trouble of mixing ingredients in providing the dough for the articles mentioned is dispensed with by the housewife.

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